26 October 2013

Daddy Daughter Week

Not a lot of words, just pictures which really tell the whole story.

Everything under control

Looking for trouble in Wamena

Pit stop on our way back from Wamena.  Very windy on final, but Gracie loved it!

Another pit stop.

Getting ready to leave Sentani for Wamena

Jumping around with friends

Hey who turned off the fun?

Turning over all the rocks


20 minutes after mom left...930am

Showing off some sweet kicks

Flying is fun!

Stretching our legs and enjoying the magnificent view 
Lots of emotion dropping in spots like this.  It really is the end of the earth.
The craziest thing about this picture is that I didn't even adjust the color...its just this beautiful in Wamena
Mountain climbing with twins.

Mom came home...back to work for me!

03 August 2013

Flight to Wamena

This last week we had the opportunity to go to Wamena, which is where we will be living in November.  It is just short of a mile high in the mountains and has no roads in or out.  Everything there is flown in.  We had our first MAF flight as a family which Gracie thoroughly enjoyed.

Rather than writing a bunch, the pictures will tell a good story of our trip.  We are so excited to finally have a place to lay roots and call home.

Although Gracie may appear to be scared or yawning she was absolutely excited.

Gracie looked outside for most of the two flights pointing out all the clouds to us.

This is us taking off out of Wamena which is a pretty big airport.  Not huge, but big enough to sneak in a 737.  People have houses on the airport so when the kids get a chance they love to stand behind the planes and feel the the prop wash.

Below here are some pictures of Gracie and dad stretching there legs at a village strip by the name of Kobakma.  We stopped there on the way back from Wamena.  Gracie loved exploring...

"Wow this runway looks steep I wonder if dad will chase me down it."
"I'm going to casually walk down it and see what I can find" Gracie said to herself. 

"Ok time to hold dad's hand Gracie"

After Gracie tried making a run for it...

No!  You caught me again dad!

On base in Wamena

En route from Wamena

Gracie standing in front of our house in Wamena.

Mom and Gracie in Kobakma

The in flight drink service only made its way up front.  

30 June 2013

Final MAF Papua Kodiak Pod Installation!

Dad and Gracie on Father's Day

Well it has taken a while but as of two Fridays ago MAF Papua has pods on all the Kodiaks.  Three were put on here in Sentani and I was able to be a part of two of them.  Something unique about this last pod install is it was the original Kodiak to have a pod.  Quest used it for certifying the pod with the FAA, but was then taken off so all the paperwork could go through.  Interestingly enough the pod that was on it before is on a Kodiak down the road here in Sentani with a different organization.

Having a pod on it before, there were some things about this install that made it a little easier, but on the other hand there was some reverse engineering that had to take place.  Overall it was a great experience as a mechanic as I continue to knock the rust off my skills after being out of the shop for two and a half years.

Here is another picture from the nose bowl fabrication process which was also shown in our last prayer letter.  Here I was getting ready to make it line up with the holes that were already drilled from the last pod install. 

There were several parts that needed paint, so I had some practice sharpening my painting skills.  

During a pod install it goes on and off the plane about 3 times.  Here is a picture of the pod waiting for its final install.

Here the pod is installed and waiting its return to service flight after almost 3 months on the ground.  It made the flight and everything checked out!

Enough airplane stuff Will how is the family?  Well here is a little taste of the last couple weeks...

This picture is of a bat Gracie and Nan found on the playground here on base.  The neighbor likes to shoot them at night with a bb gun for food.  This one got hit but took refuge under the covering of the playground and later fell in the morning just in time for morning play time.  Since it was still warm the yard worker took it home for food.  Everyone asks why Nan didn't take it and I tell them it's because she didn't have a recipe for bat.

This made me so happy.  We have several rats that keep us company in our ceiling here so I am always trying to lower the population.  This is one of them on a "lem tikus" board which is basically sticky cardboard.  Once the rat gets on they cannot get off.  I come along, fold it up, and dispose.  Pretty slick.  

This is a typical scene of what Gracie looks like when I walk back to the playground directly after work.  Nan says, "ok she's all yours I am going inside to start dinner."  Then she usually goes to the dry sand or pets one of the many golden retrievers on base.  Let's just say there is a certain satisfaction in being showered and in the air conditioning at the end of the day.

This past week we were assigned to Wamena and will be moving there in November.  It is up in the mountains and more central in Papua.  We will be visiting there this week and will post some pictures of our future house, etc soon.  

30 April 2013

Goodbye Salatiga hello Papua!

It has been a long road.  Although we were really glad to be done with language school we were also sad to leave our friends there.  We are thankful for the relationships we started and continue to have there.
Our dear friends Pak Bambang and Ibu Santi...yes and Pak Bambang does have a Blazers shirt on...awesome  Great times at our last meal together in Salatiga.

Here are a couple family self portraits in front of our Salatiga house, which surprisingly only took about 10 minutes

We initially arrived here in Papua about the second week of March, Will worked for three weeks and then we all hopped on another plane back to Jakarta, which if you are not familiar with Indonesian geography its like taking a plane ride across the U.S.  It has been a couple weeks now after getting back from there and we are also sorting out our belongings that have come from both language school and America.  Mom is happy because she has her kitchen tools and dad is happy because he has his tools for work.

Although, we are still living in the same country as when we were in language school it is like a different country.  We are thankful for the MAF community here to help us adjust.  Many people here we already knew before arriving which was great, especially for Gracie.

A week or so ago we had the pleasure to go up the mountain to General MacArthurs lookout spot when WWII was going on. Tons of history there.  There are several WWII planes in Lake Sentani that guys see when they go scuba diving.  Its crazy all the untouched planes that are down there.  Makes me want to get my dive on (Will). Anyways,  no words for how beautiful it was.  Great to overlook the Sentani airport!
Up the mountain in Sentani Papua

We have been away from internet for a while except for our phones so we are going to start being a little better about keeping everyone up to date with pictures etc.  We are still trying to get in a rhythm as we await our final assignment.

Will just finished helping to get a pod on a Kodiak.  Good news it stayed on for the test flight ;)  We will get some of those pictures soon for everyone to see what it is I (Will) do here on the other side of the world.

Thank you so much to everyone for all your support through this process.  Transition is tough, and with a 1.5 year old it is even harder so thank you everyone for your prayers!

13 January 2013

America For Christmas!

A week ago we returned to Indonesia after a three week vacation in the U.S. for Christmas.  With less than 7 weeks until we move to Papua, we are in pack it up and move mode.  There are tons of logistics to work out before we go including packing up our household goods to be shipped in only 3 weeks.  However, we had such an awesome time in the America that we wanted to share some pictures from our trip.  We are so thankful to family and friends who made it possible for us to come home for a bit!  We also very thankful to everyone who made our stay one to remember.

This was a new thing for Gracie.  Although Gracie was in a car seat for almost 6 months before coming to Indonesia it was still very foreign to her being so restrained.  The car seat turned into a sleep machine for Gracie and entertainment for mom and dad.  A moment we will not forget...when we asked Gracie if she was ready to "go" she went and got the Ergo so she could strap in for the motorcycle.  Then dad educated Gracie on how cold she would be if we all went for a ride.  

This was the scene New Year's Eve.  Being old 31 year olds we thought we could pull up an East Coast New Years so we could go to bed early.  Well, when we finally got it going this popped up.  WHAT?!?!  This moment was quite ironic considering how we lose internet from wind and rain in Indonesia frequently.  I guess now when we lose it we can think about it happening in the U.S. too.

Gracie loves all animals, but dogs are extremely interesting to her.  She had a lot of good times with "Lulu."

Dad took a picture of Gracie and this caution sign as we were heading back to Indonesia. The question we had was "Can any parent really get far enough away in the bathroom from the child that they could fall?"

Great times!  Gracie not quite sure where mom got the baby from.

This really says it all.  Gracie is constantly on the go...

...except when she is sleeping.  Hey mom and dad your 2 seats are so spacious!

Gracie sleeping in the Tokyo airport on an 11 hour layover and the worst 8 hour flight of mom and dad's life.

We got to let Gracie be with family a lot so we got some good date time in.  It was a beautiful thing.

First plane to board on our journey to America.  Smoke in the cabin!!!  Ha!  Actually it was just a broken A/C.  When we first boarded it was so thick we lost each other.  I loved the reaction of the locals though not batting an eye.  Just a bit different than the U.S.

Gracie was so happy on our trip...actually we all were.

Yep, this was in the Jakarta airport, although Indonesia is over 90% muslim.  We looked really hard for something this big with the word Christmas on it in the US...nothing.

Not much to say except we agree and PF Chang's was really good.

Not in the US but thought we would share this moment.  Gracie's first flower from a boy.

We got a little snow while in the Pac NW.  If you look hard you can see it in this picture.

Here is a picture of Nan's side of the family.  We are so thankful that they could fly out from the other side of the U.S. to see us.  We had a blast.