24 July 2012

Beauty, 2:45 a.m Drums & Motorcycles...

Daily we are learning more of the beauty of people here in Indonesia. It becomes more apparent as we are able to discover the words behinds the smiles. Each day we are gaining more of the language by God's grace. The first day we arrived in Indonesia we couldn't even remember how to say, "Thank you." Today we are able to carry on a basic conversation as well as begin the building of relationships with our neighbors. 

Gracie is quite taken with the people of Indonesia as well. They pinch her nose and squeeze her "gemuk" (fat) thighs (which is desirable here because it means she is very well fed)! She squeals with joy. Our friend and helper, Ibu Santi and her family come by often and play with Gracie. Gracie is in love with their five year old son Alta. It is such a joy to watch her fall in love with the people we have been called to serve. 

This month is the month of Ramadan, the Islamic month of fasting begins July 19th-August 18th. The celebration days of Idul Fitri (the breaking of the fast) are August 19-20.

This adds an interesting twist to life as the prices of everything "naik" or increase dramatically! Business is done much more slowly as people are exhausted because of the lack of food during the fast. And it is much quieter  throughout the daylight hours (minus the mosques sounding the calls to prayer). However, come dusk, the city becomes alive as people are able to eat and celebrate. Pots and pans begin banging together (to announce it is time to eat) synonymous with the nightly call to prayer. Then comes "morning", well 2:45 a.m. the pots and pans commence again, accompanied by drums announcing the last meal prior to daybreak. The procession literally passes outside our window and continues for at least 30 minutes. It has given us a new appreciation for the quiet hours when we can sleep. We are also thankful for a sweet baby who sleeps through it all! Puji Tuhan (Praise God)!  The pots and pans banging, the drums sounding and the calls to prayer which wake us from a peaceful sleep, remind us to pray. To pray for a people who are fasting without the peace we know. A people with a belief in mind that does not include the ONE TRUE GOD. This is why we are here - to share the hope and peace found in God alone. 

On a fun note, Will is teaching me how to drive the manual motorcycle he just bought me. It is quite the thrill and a bit unnerving at moments as I have never driven a motorcycle before. Especially when I am having to drive on the left side of the road! However, being able to get around town is a necessary part of life here in Indonesia. I must admit, it will be a while until I carry Gracie in the Ergo while driving. However, she loves riding when daddy is driving though!

We have finally discovered our rhythm of life here. It isn't without bumps, but those bumps are teaching us about developing a greater dependence for God. Thank you everyone for your prayers and support in this process. If you are further interested in joining our team click here.  We are so thankful to be here and serving the people of Indonesia! 


Will, Nan and Gracie Jane