14 July 2009

All in a days work

Apprehensive passengers who have stomachs full of Olive Garden.  40 pounds short of max gross with density altitude over 4000 ft.  All the mean while I got in some good pilotage work on my way back from Idaho today.  I filed IFR over to COE because I thought I would have a chance to get some good actual (flying in the clouds).  Nope.  The elusive clouds burnt off by 1300 which definitely would not have happened if I just wanted to go for a motorcycle ride or any other summer activity not requiring clouds.

Anyways, it was a good day flying 5.2 hours having to deal with passengers and all the joys they bring.  I love the fact that I flew for 5.2 and did not have to fill up.  I landed with 45 minutes of fuel which means the 206 can outlast almost every human bladder. Bottom line, I made myself a better pilotage/dead reckoning pilot today.  I am getting really good at making use of the "Pilot Isolate" button.