21 July 2010

I thank my God when ever...

Our lives are so good. I could not be more grateful! Or could I?

As I was reading this morning God taught me a few much needed lessons... Philippians 1:3 says, "I thank my God when ever I think of you..." God stopped me in my tracks as the first few words took root within me... "I thank my God when ever..." Do I? Well, often yes. BUT when ever? This was such a good reminder to me that everything that Will and I have been blessed with is from GOD. It is not ours, but HIS. So as I am struggling some days with being grateful, I am stopping to remember how good our God is to us... Today I will thank God WHEN EVER, period!

08 July 2010

Moving = Downsizing & Sunshine = Flying and Hikes

God has an amazing way of teaching one to trust HIM in the daily details of life. Our lives have been chaotically fabulous all in one breath! About a month ago we found out our old apartment management team thought it would be brilliant to increase our rent 20%. Needless to say that was not "in the budget" due to Will's flight preparation for MAF. Will and I began to pray intensely that God would provide. And HE DID provide more than we could have imagined! We are now renting a condo from a Christian couple and have moved in over the last weeks. The Grants are now settled in to our charming 800 sq foot condo! It is such a blessing...

Moving has also prompted us to downsize. We moved from an apartment with a garage to a condo with none. On that note, we are busily craigslisting, ebaying, and consignment shop selling (Nan is trying to reduce her plethora of clothes). All of the selling is going directly into our "Flying Fund".

God is continuing to take care of us in more ways than we can imagine... Simple things like at our new home we get basic cable (aka Discovery Channel is all that matters in our house lol) and internet for FREE! Little savings add up quickly and we couldn't be more thankful to God!

And then yes, I did say SUNSHINE! Portland has finally awakened to the fact it is summertime. We, PAC Northwesterners, are getting hit full force with some heat! Today is peaking at a mild 99 degrees. BUT on the wonderful side, the sunshine equals time for my hubby and I to hike up Saddle Mountain and fly. We thankful to God for what HE has provided for us each day!

Please continue to pray as Will is rigorously preparing for his evaluation with Servant Wings in late August and final evaluation with Mission Aviation Fellowship in October. We are in God's hands and fully confident that HE will direct our steps! Thank you for joining us in prayer...

Will and Nan Jane Grant