14 January 2010

Our Journey Together...

Yes, so I had lots of plans to start doing frequent updates after the first of the year but all of my energy has been spent trying to fill the void being laid off has created. Looking for work at this point especially at this time of the year is not easy, but I have plenty of things to be thankful for. Especially after seeing the images from Haiti. I am thankful for a dry, warm place to lay my head every night with the most beautiful bride on the planet. I am so blessed, yet some days just take it all for granted.

I would ask for you to pray for Nan and I, but anything I would say just seems insignificant when people tonight have no place to sleep and are wondering if their friends/family are even alive.

Hope that you are having a great new year as you read this!

This is character building time for Nan and I which is making us better as we pursue the path the Lord has for us.