30 April 2013

Goodbye Salatiga hello Papua!

It has been a long road.  Although we were really glad to be done with language school we were also sad to leave our friends there.  We are thankful for the relationships we started and continue to have there.
Our dear friends Pak Bambang and Ibu Santi...yes and Pak Bambang does have a Blazers shirt on...awesome  Great times at our last meal together in Salatiga.

Here are a couple family self portraits in front of our Salatiga house, which surprisingly only took about 10 minutes

We initially arrived here in Papua about the second week of March, Will worked for three weeks and then we all hopped on another plane back to Jakarta, which if you are not familiar with Indonesian geography its like taking a plane ride across the U.S.  It has been a couple weeks now after getting back from there and we are also sorting out our belongings that have come from both language school and America.  Mom is happy because she has her kitchen tools and dad is happy because he has his tools for work.

Although, we are still living in the same country as when we were in language school it is like a different country.  We are thankful for the MAF community here to help us adjust.  Many people here we already knew before arriving which was great, especially for Gracie.

A week or so ago we had the pleasure to go up the mountain to General MacArthurs lookout spot when WWII was going on. Tons of history there.  There are several WWII planes in Lake Sentani that guys see when they go scuba diving.  Its crazy all the untouched planes that are down there.  Makes me want to get my dive on (Will). Anyways,  no words for how beautiful it was.  Great to overlook the Sentani airport!
Up the mountain in Sentani Papua

We have been away from internet for a while except for our phones so we are going to start being a little better about keeping everyone up to date with pictures etc.  We are still trying to get in a rhythm as we await our final assignment.

Will just finished helping to get a pod on a Kodiak.  Good news it stayed on for the test flight ;)  We will get some of those pictures soon for everyone to see what it is I (Will) do here on the other side of the world.

Thank you so much to everyone for all your support through this process.  Transition is tough, and with a 1.5 year old it is even harder so thank you everyone for your prayers!