26 May 2009

Front Cover.

Kind of old news, but I wanted to put this up just for the record.  The Servant Wings 206 which was a former MAF plane that I have mentioned before made the cover of Cessna Pilot's Association magazine for this month.  Pretty good pub for a young non-profit.  Decent pilot flying too ;)

24 May 2009

What a weekend...actually week.

Where do I start?  Just like every time I get on here I am about to throw up thoughts onto paper. I had what was pretty much the best job ever at the beginning of the week for where I am at in life right now. Increasing my skill as a mechanic while being surrounded by people who constantly made me smile.  I have nothing but good things to say about that shop even though I was let go on Wednesday.  I guess I was initially down about it, but considering where the Lord has brought me it's hardly a big deal.  I am still not sure how I was being paid to be there.  However, I could feel my mind start to get comfortable enough to start thinking about all the things I would like to have vs. what I really need.  I hate money.  It is necessary for life, but such a distraction.  I guess that is one of the many reasons I enjoy the thought of missionary work.  Always having the mindset that God will provide even though it looks like it won't work under human logic.  

One of the things I would like to make note of is that I am very appreciative of everyone reading this thing even though I am hardly a "regular" blogger.  While hanging out around the Kodiak it was pretty awesome to have people I know and those I have never met tell me that they read this.  So thanks.  Hopefully, I will be a little more faithful with the story telling of what is current in my life, because lately it just seems so crazy that all I can do is throw up my arms and say its all you Lord.

This weekend was a very special time for Mission Aviation Fellowship as they came to thank New Heights Church for their support in donating a Quest Kodiak that will help provide physical and spiritual life for people many years to come.  It has been a long road to get it certified and dialed in to the point it is ready for the field.  

After doing a little maintenance on the Servant Wings 172 and a little run down around the waterfront Kodiak #11 landed at Pearson ready for a quick run to Hillsboro for fuel.
To my surprise I was able to get a ride which was pretty sweet.  I think that will be the last time sitting in the back seat (not flying) I will be as excited as I was.  Can you see it in my eyes?

This morning I took a call that was pretty hard. The call of a fellow friend and pilot who went to be with the Lord after getting into an airplane.  I am not sure even what to say about it because I know so little at this point. I do rejoice that he is in a better place, however it is a good reminder of how quick and fragile life is.  I have Pandora Radio on and Chris Rice is singing "Fly to Jesus."  Good stuff.

Well, I guess that is all for now.  Although it has been a pretty sobering day I have enjoyed the fellowship with everyone at the dedication picnic.  Good to see some peeps from church come and support.  I am always so impressed with the people from the family I will join soon.  I am so thankful for the opportunities that have been put before me.  I love the sun, and God is good. Peace.

Oh I have a streak of plane shadow pics so here is a good one of the Kodiak turning base over Hwy 14 for Rwy 26.

Besides the sound of the of the PT-6 spinning up, one of my top favorite things on this bird.

One more...this is Portland, but I am not sure if you can see it with those gigantic flap tracks in the way.