21 November 2011

Training at Spokane Turbine Center

Our group including  Ken Smoll (our instructor) who was definitely not afraid to represent the Packers.

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to get training on the PT6 turboprop engine at Spokane Turbine Center.  The PT6 is what is used on both the Kodiak and Cessna Caravan which is primarily what I will be working on when we get to Papua.  Being familiar with the operation of piston engines since the age of 15 it was great to learn about the PT6, which in non-tech terms is a jet engine with a propeller strapped to the front of it.

One of the pleasures of the training was building friendships other guys in MAF, three of which I will have the opportunity to serve with in Papua.
As a side note Nan and Gracie enjoyed me coming home smelling like jet exhaust too.
Inside peak at the PT6A engine 
 Spokane Turbine Center did a great job at explaining the ins and outs of the PT6.  One of my favorite tidbits of information about this engine is the fuel metering pin only moves .080" from idle to max power.

Art class at STC

Some people learn better when they are doing something with there hands.  Our instructor there at STC understood this and gave us some pipe cleaners to help us “listen.”  These are just a few of the creations from Jonathan Blomberg

We were given all kinds of little things for completing the course at STC one of which I was anticipating greatly.  What was it you ask?  A belt buckle.  Yes, you got it…a belt buckle.  No, I do not have a collection of belt buckles, but this thing is so sweet it almost makes me want to start one.  The picture here shows the excitement of the Kodiak belt buckle. 


When we were going through the Hot Section Inspection portion of the class we had the opportunity to take apart the Accessory Gear Box (AGB) which as you can see is comprised of several gears.  It kind of reminded me of a mechanical comprehension test.  If the center gear turns clockwise which way does gear “C” turn?