23 October 2008


Well, I am half way through my 30 days of Certified Flight Instructor training here at the Santa Monica airport and I am tired. I just got back from instructing a couple of instrument approaches to another CFI in some of the busiest airspace in the country. It is one thing to fly those approaches, but to teach them is another. I also had the opportunity to do my first talk down to a landing on the historic 16 Right at Van Nuys which made me a little uncomfortable. Flying a plane with my mouth is such a different animal. When I finally end up soloing a student I will be a nervous person. I am taking baby steps, but Im getting there.

I am sad that I do not have the ability to put pictures up right now because Santa Monica sunsets looking off the end of the runway to the Pacific are amazing. I will be sure to put some up when I get back home.

06 October 2008

Whats New?

Well, I just got back from another weekend serving with the Air National Guard. I was given the opportunity to change units which will give me a change of scenery as I finish out my last year of commitment.

I am enjoying a day of relaxation today realizing that once I get back from getting my instructor ratings in Santa Monica it will be all business preparing myself to fly with one of the most elite group of pilots in the world. I will be evaluated by MAF in December (8-19). This time consists of one week of mechanic evaluation and another week of flight eval. This is also just a time for the MAF staff to look at me as a person to see if I am up for the mental, spiritual, and physical strain that comes with being an MAF pilot. Your prayers are greatly needed and appreciated.

Last week I hiked Dog Mountain in the Gorge which showed me how incredibly out of shape I am. More than that though I was reminded of how wonderful God's work is in giving us mountains, rivers, sunrises, and for me a healthy body to just get up the mountain.

02 October 2008

The Beginning

So I have had quite a busy life lately with events, tests, relationships, work, my walk with Christ, and the list goes on. I hope that this will be at least a good supplement to keeping friends and family up to date on my life as I head towards the mission field with MAF.