23 October 2008


Well, I am half way through my 30 days of Certified Flight Instructor training here at the Santa Monica airport and I am tired. I just got back from instructing a couple of instrument approaches to another CFI in some of the busiest airspace in the country. It is one thing to fly those approaches, but to teach them is another. I also had the opportunity to do my first talk down to a landing on the historic 16 Right at Van Nuys which made me a little uncomfortable. Flying a plane with my mouth is such a different animal. When I finally end up soloing a student I will be a nervous person. I am taking baby steps, but Im getting there.

I am sad that I do not have the ability to put pictures up right now because Santa Monica sunsets looking off the end of the runway to the Pacific are amazing. I will be sure to put some up when I get back home.

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