30 October 2011

Will's Kodiak Training, Motherhood & Indonesia...

Our Newest MAF Staff
A little snapshot of our days as of late...

Our journey has been amazingly crazy!  Our sweet Gracie seemed to have her days and nights flipped for the first month of her life... It was sometimes hard to remember if the day had ended or just begun.  However, our Gracie has given us a bit of, well... grace.  She has began to sleep 5-7 hours at a time!  In saying that, it isn't without us waking up to her constant stream of noises. Daddy says that Gracie is a bit like her mama, always chattering, even if no one is listening.  Even now in the midst of her nap she is making gasping, giggling and gurgling noises just to make sure I know she is present.

Daddy & His Baby Girl
Will is doing an amazing job as a super dad! He is learning to balance his new growing family and the added component of Turbine training.  After 9 months of raising support, Will is LOVING getting back in the hanger and learning more about the airplanes he will be working on in Papua, Indonesia!

Enjoy a little walk at MAF with our Gracie Jane

At the beginning of October we traveled to Nampa, Idaho at MAF headquarters for a few weeks of training and are now in Spokane, Washington at Spokane Turbine Center for Will's Kodiak training.  After STC we will head back to Nampa, Idaho until December 22 for the remainder of Will's standardization (maintenance) training at MAF. It is encouraging to see Will's growing excitement as he looks towards using the skills God has given him so that God's grace can be brought to the people of Papua, Indonesia!

Going to Indonesia is becoming more tangible as our support is developing. We still need about $2100/month in order to get to language school in Indonesia by January 2012. But, as we have learned so boldly these last 9 months, "with God, all things are possible..." and that His timing is perfect. We are hopeful to join our friends that we have started this journey with in language school on the island of Java in a few months. If you would like to support us in this journey please go to our MAF page.
Our Family at MAF Headquarters

Thank you to everyone who is prayerfully and/or financially behind us. We cherish having your partnership as God uses us and others to meet the physical and spiritual needs of the people of Papua, Indonesia!

In the arms of HIS grace,
Will, Nan and Gracie

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15 October 2011

Endometritis, Mastitis and Blessings

Our love...
We could not be more blessed during this season to have our new little gift Gracie Jane. It has not been without a few road bumps and challenges, but the joys FAR outweigh the difficulties. Gracie has given us reasons to smile even as we are abruptly awakened at 1, 2, 3, and 4 am... It is incredible to watch how God has brought a new beautiful gift into our home!

Over the last few weeks we have had some rough moments! I developed a severe case of endometritis and mastitis which landed us in the ER for 4 days straight. But God was good and we received excellent care at OHSU. We left last Thursday and were able to pack up and hit the road for training at MAF on Saturday around 5:00 a.m.

Daddy did my hair
We are learning a lot about complete dependence upon God. And learning that we are weak without HIM, especially the days we are running on zero sleep. We tease that God makes babies so cute to keep us sane :)

So for now, we are finishing up Orientation at MAF this week (October 17-21). Then Will begins maintenance training in Nampa (at MAF) and Spokane (at Spokane Turbine Center) until December 22. Our hope is that the remaining 35% of our support is covered by new supporters so we can leave for Indonesia in January for language school. If you would like to join us on our journey to Indonesia please click here! We would consider it such a blessing to partner with you!

Thank you for your love and prayers throughout this journey!

Will, Nan and Gracie

Two Weeks Old

02 October 2011

She's Here!!!!

Gracie on day two of her life.

If we were not so busy changing diapers and trying to sleep when we do have free time we might make this entry a little better, but for now we wanted to just get the basics out there about Gracie's arrival.

She came on September 24 at 7:27am after Nan made it through 21 hours of labor yet only 25 minutes of pushing.  20 inches long and 6lbs 14oz.  She has really tough jungle feet already.  When the nurse pricked her foot and squeezed the blood out she didn't even cry.

Best quote of the whole time while in the hospital when Nan was in extremely super active labor.
Nan: "I am going to have words with that woman!!"  Will: "What woman?"  Nan:  "Eve!"  What made it funny is that she was mad at her like she knew her personally.

Being parents is so awesome and we cannot believe that God is actually letting us borrow this wonderful baby girl for a time.
Nan and Gracie about to leave the hospital

Thank you so much to everyone who has prayed for Gracie to come to us safe and healthy.  We are grateful beyond belief.