02 October 2011

She's Here!!!!

Gracie on day two of her life.

If we were not so busy changing diapers and trying to sleep when we do have free time we might make this entry a little better, but for now we wanted to just get the basics out there about Gracie's arrival.

She came on September 24 at 7:27am after Nan made it through 21 hours of labor yet only 25 minutes of pushing.  20 inches long and 6lbs 14oz.  She has really tough jungle feet already.  When the nurse pricked her foot and squeezed the blood out she didn't even cry.

Best quote of the whole time while in the hospital when Nan was in extremely super active labor.
Nan: "I am going to have words with that woman!!"  Will: "What woman?"  Nan:  "Eve!"  What made it funny is that she was mad at her like she knew her personally.

Being parents is so awesome and we cannot believe that God is actually letting us borrow this wonderful baby girl for a time.
Nan and Gracie about to leave the hospital

Thank you so much to everyone who has prayed for Gracie to come to us safe and healthy.  We are grateful beyond belief.

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