25 December 2010

Peace & Immanuel...

Rushing, buying, wanting, longing... Our American Christmas season has become so encompassed with self and the desire for more that the true meaning of Christmas has become lost.  Instead of counting the sparkling gifts labeled with your name, why not unwrap the gift of a baby who lay in a manger over 2,000 years ago? Jesus Christ came as an innocent child, to take on our yuck, our sin, our selfishness so that we may have life eternally.  The treasure and most priceless gift you could receive this season is to stop and identify the treasure, a child who came to this world to bring you peace - Jesus Christ. 

Will and I have began our new venture in life as missionaries. In the season's hubbub, instead of buying we are simplifying. We have been selling much of what we possess in order to move overseas.  It is refreshing not buying each other gifts for Christmas (we made a few homemade gifts).  We have instead chosen to be grateful for each other and what we have already been given. We are remembering the reason and purpose of Christmas - it all began with a sweet infant baby born in a manger.  Jesus came not to gain anything, but to give of HIS life. What an incredible thought, to give ones life without seeking anything.

It makes us stop and think what is our purpose here? Are we living life for ourselves? Or do we have a greater purpose?
As we are preparing to go overseas, God has been reminding us about the gift that we are giving to the world. We are desire to teach the world about God's peace, hope and salvation.