13 January 2013

America For Christmas!

A week ago we returned to Indonesia after a three week vacation in the U.S. for Christmas.  With less than 7 weeks until we move to Papua, we are in pack it up and move mode.  There are tons of logistics to work out before we go including packing up our household goods to be shipped in only 3 weeks.  However, we had such an awesome time in the America that we wanted to share some pictures from our trip.  We are so thankful to family and friends who made it possible for us to come home for a bit!  We also very thankful to everyone who made our stay one to remember.

This was a new thing for Gracie.  Although Gracie was in a car seat for almost 6 months before coming to Indonesia it was still very foreign to her being so restrained.  The car seat turned into a sleep machine for Gracie and entertainment for mom and dad.  A moment we will not forget...when we asked Gracie if she was ready to "go" she went and got the Ergo so she could strap in for the motorcycle.  Then dad educated Gracie on how cold she would be if we all went for a ride.  

This was the scene New Year's Eve.  Being old 31 year olds we thought we could pull up an East Coast New Years so we could go to bed early.  Well, when we finally got it going this popped up.  WHAT?!?!  This moment was quite ironic considering how we lose internet from wind and rain in Indonesia frequently.  I guess now when we lose it we can think about it happening in the U.S. too.

Gracie loves all animals, but dogs are extremely interesting to her.  She had a lot of good times with "Lulu."

Dad took a picture of Gracie and this caution sign as we were heading back to Indonesia. The question we had was "Can any parent really get far enough away in the bathroom from the child that they could fall?"

Great times!  Gracie not quite sure where mom got the baby from.

This really says it all.  Gracie is constantly on the go...

...except when she is sleeping.  Hey mom and dad your 2 seats are so spacious!

Gracie sleeping in the Tokyo airport on an 11 hour layover and the worst 8 hour flight of mom and dad's life.

We got to let Gracie be with family a lot so we got some good date time in.  It was a beautiful thing.

First plane to board on our journey to America.  Smoke in the cabin!!!  Ha!  Actually it was just a broken A/C.  When we first boarded it was so thick we lost each other.  I loved the reaction of the locals though not batting an eye.  Just a bit different than the U.S.

Gracie was so happy on our trip...actually we all were.

Yep, this was in the Jakarta airport, although Indonesia is over 90% muslim.  We looked really hard for something this big with the word Christmas on it in the US...nothing.

Not much to say except we agree and PF Chang's was really good.

Not in the US but thought we would share this moment.  Gracie's first flower from a boy.

We got a little snow while in the Pac NW.  If you look hard you can see it in this picture.

Here is a picture of Nan's side of the family.  We are so thankful that they could fly out from the other side of the U.S. to see us.  We had a blast.

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  1. Loved seeing all your pictures!!! Looks like you had a wonderful time back home for Christmas! Gracie is just adorable, what a little blessing. We are praying for you!