08 October 2012

Sibuk Sekali (Very Busy) & our Gracie Jane...

Our lives have been busy to say the least! We are about to "naik" or move up to Unit 6 of 9 in language school. We currently have a 1 year old (Sweet Gracie Jane) who desires to go EVERYWHERE by herself! And she is busy opening doors for conversations with the Indonesians who surround us on a daily basis. Her contagious laughter, funny faces and cheesy smile she wears (each time she sees a camera) makes us smile no matter how hard the day has been! Here are a few pictures of our baby girl who is loved by and loves everyone she meets...

Hanging with Mommy!
Dancing with Mommy! 

Gracie with her Pembantu, Ibu Agnes (Her babysitter while we are in school) 
Gracie and Ibu Santi
Our silly girl & her Mango mustache 

Gracie Jane making a new friend
"I don't want the cupcake! It is scary!!!" - Gracie Jane

Helping Daddy fix the chair

Thank you everyone for the love, prayers and continued support! We could not be here without each of you. 

Will, Nan and Gracie Jane

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  1. Nan, you guys look so great, and I love to see you using Indonesian! I know the beginning was so new and difficult, but you all are beginning to bloom right where you're planted. :)