26 October 2013

Daddy Daughter Week

Not a lot of words, just pictures which really tell the whole story.

Everything under control

Looking for trouble in Wamena

Pit stop on our way back from Wamena.  Very windy on final, but Gracie loved it!

Another pit stop.

Getting ready to leave Sentani for Wamena

Jumping around with friends

Hey who turned off the fun?

Turning over all the rocks


20 minutes after mom left...930am

Showing off some sweet kicks

Flying is fun!

Stretching our legs and enjoying the magnificent view 
Lots of emotion dropping in spots like this.  It really is the end of the earth.
The craziest thing about this picture is that I didn't even adjust the color...its just this beautiful in Wamena
Mountain climbing with twins.

Mom came home...back to work for me!

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