03 August 2013

Flight to Wamena

This last week we had the opportunity to go to Wamena, which is where we will be living in November.  It is just short of a mile high in the mountains and has no roads in or out.  Everything there is flown in.  We had our first MAF flight as a family which Gracie thoroughly enjoyed.

Rather than writing a bunch, the pictures will tell a good story of our trip.  We are so excited to finally have a place to lay roots and call home.

Although Gracie may appear to be scared or yawning she was absolutely excited.

Gracie looked outside for most of the two flights pointing out all the clouds to us.

This is us taking off out of Wamena which is a pretty big airport.  Not huge, but big enough to sneak in a 737.  People have houses on the airport so when the kids get a chance they love to stand behind the planes and feel the the prop wash.

Below here are some pictures of Gracie and dad stretching there legs at a village strip by the name of Kobakma.  We stopped there on the way back from Wamena.  Gracie loved exploring...

"Wow this runway looks steep I wonder if dad will chase me down it."
"I'm going to casually walk down it and see what I can find" Gracie said to herself. 

"Ok time to hold dad's hand Gracie"

After Gracie tried making a run for it...

No!  You caught me again dad!

On base in Wamena

En route from Wamena

Gracie standing in front of our house in Wamena.

Mom and Gracie in Kobakma

The in flight drink service only made its way up front.  

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