30 June 2013

Final MAF Papua Kodiak Pod Installation!

Dad and Gracie on Father's Day

Well it has taken a while but as of two Fridays ago MAF Papua has pods on all the Kodiaks.  Three were put on here in Sentani and I was able to be a part of two of them.  Something unique about this last pod install is it was the original Kodiak to have a pod.  Quest used it for certifying the pod with the FAA, but was then taken off so all the paperwork could go through.  Interestingly enough the pod that was on it before is on a Kodiak down the road here in Sentani with a different organization.

Having a pod on it before, there were some things about this install that made it a little easier, but on the other hand there was some reverse engineering that had to take place.  Overall it was a great experience as a mechanic as I continue to knock the rust off my skills after being out of the shop for two and a half years.

Here is another picture from the nose bowl fabrication process which was also shown in our last prayer letter.  Here I was getting ready to make it line up with the holes that were already drilled from the last pod install. 

There were several parts that needed paint, so I had some practice sharpening my painting skills.  

During a pod install it goes on and off the plane about 3 times.  Here is a picture of the pod waiting for its final install.

Here the pod is installed and waiting its return to service flight after almost 3 months on the ground.  It made the flight and everything checked out!

Enough airplane stuff Will how is the family?  Well here is a little taste of the last couple weeks...

This picture is of a bat Gracie and Nan found on the playground here on base.  The neighbor likes to shoot them at night with a bb gun for food.  This one got hit but took refuge under the covering of the playground and later fell in the morning just in time for morning play time.  Since it was still warm the yard worker took it home for food.  Everyone asks why Nan didn't take it and I tell them it's because she didn't have a recipe for bat.

This made me so happy.  We have several rats that keep us company in our ceiling here so I am always trying to lower the population.  This is one of them on a "lem tikus" board which is basically sticky cardboard.  Once the rat gets on they cannot get off.  I come along, fold it up, and dispose.  Pretty slick.  

This is a typical scene of what Gracie looks like when I walk back to the playground directly after work.  Nan says, "ok she's all yours I am going inside to start dinner."  Then she usually goes to the dry sand or pets one of the many golden retrievers on base.  Let's just say there is a certain satisfaction in being showered and in the air conditioning at the end of the day.

This past week we were assigned to Wamena and will be moving there in November.  It is up in the mountains and more central in Papua.  We will be visiting there this week and will post some pictures of our future house, etc soon.  

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