01 June 2009

Off to the land of guns, airplanes, atvs and wild animals

Last Tuesday I was absolutely blessed with an opportunity to go up to Kako, AK and help out at the Kako Retreat Center for two months.  My primary duty will include flying the kids in and out of the camp.  After talking with my friend last night it looks like I will have a few other duties which I am sure will be talked about in some of my future postings...so stay tuned.

Kako is a little place in the middle of Western Alaska that used to be the home of a little gold mining.  There is still some gold around so I hope to get some before I come back.  Its like the fools gold I used to get going to Camp Tadmor only this stuff real.  Nice.

I will be leaving this weekend and getting into Bethel, AK Monday morning where I will be picked up for my final leg into the camp.  The plan is to come back on the 22nd of July in time to fly over to Oshkosh, WI for some kind of fly-in.  Never heard of it, but I guess its kind of a big deal ;)  

Please pray for the salvation of the kids who come to camp, safety of flight, wisdom as I fly, and protection from everything that Alaska can throw at me.  I cannot remember the last time I was this excited about something.  The flying, the guns, the wild animals, the people, and just everything this opportunity offers...pretty ridiculous.  I look forward to improving my skills as a pilot in the area of pilotage navigation and just professionalism of operating a plane as opposed to just flying it.  The pilot who I am replacing use to fly for MAF so I have some nice size shoes to fill. 

This picture is from my friend Brandon who went there two years ago.  It is absolutely amazing! I stand in awe.  

At this point I am not sure what the internet situation is like there, but I will do my best to put up pictures and stories to document this mini adventure.


  1. Proud of you man... we will keep you in our prayers.

  2. We'll stay tuned--an adventure indeed!