08 June 2009

Long Day

Today I woke up after a solid five hours of sleeping in public to the sound of people going through security.  I immediately thought, wow I am not sore from this bench and I actually feel good.  I then got on my hour flight to Bethel, AK where I would wait a couple hours for the 206 to come get me.  As I was waiting there were a couple other kids there trying to figure out if the plane that was currently landing was "it."  Finally, it came and I think they were actually a little more excited than me.

After leaving Bethel I managed to work in 5.1 hours of flying.  I could really feel a wall hit me on the last leg.  Fortunately, (crazy person inside me talking) the wind was horrible so I was told on the radio I was going to have land downhill.  There really are not words.  As soon as I realized I had made it I took a deep breath and realized this is only day one.  It only gets better from here.  The people are great and the backdrop is marvelous.  I have been listening to "Captivated" by Shawn McDonald a lot lately.  Seems to be the soundtrack for this trip so far.

I also just want to say a HUGE thanks for everyone praying for me.  Its pretty overwhelming to know so many have me in their prayers.  I definitely need it along with these kids.

Above is the yellow beast.  Keep in mind I took this about a half hour ago (9pm).  Time for a shower and bed.

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