08 June 2009

My F Box

What time is it?  I landed in here in Anchorage about an hour ago and I could not help but notice how nicely the sunset contrasts with all the green.  The excitement has not dissipated.  I had two people this weekend ask me if I have a new girlfriend (well kind of in those terms) and then I explained, "Nope, just going to Alaska to do some really sweet flying with some really great people."  So apparently the excitement is just coming right out of my pores.

I just read an email explaining the local temp pilot cannot fly tomorrow...errr...today ...Monday so I am going to be hitting the ground flying.  I will fly out of Bethel, do a checkout for the local area (which is funny because the local area is western Alaska) and perhaps pick up some kids in just a few short hours.  Thankfully Starbucks knew I was coming so they are getting some go juice ready for me.  

Actually, I have not ordered any yet, but it will come as soon as I get some zzz on this bench.  I wish the sun would stop looking at me though.  This situation is such a good reminder of why it is always good to consider the IM SAFE checklist.  You know that checklist for flight physiological factors that is taught to private pilots?  When I write I like to talk to everyone not just pilots so to explain.  The plane is looked over thoroughly before each flight which is called a preflight.  Just like an airplane, pilots need to make sure they are in good condition for flight as well. 
I llness  
M edication 
S tress 
A lcohol 
F atigue 
E motion 

With that being said I have an appointment with this bench.

I will start taking pictures tomorrow.  As for this morning you will have to settle for this one of Kako in the Fall.

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  1. YaY, you are there, land of the SUN, or is it SON? We were up there in the summer a few years ago and yes it is strange to have so much light at weird hours. You are going to have the time of your life......keep us posted. Prayers are coming your way, Terry and Tracy