15 June 2009

Coming Home

Well, it has definitely been an action packed week.  Although my time here has been cut short, I have still managed to log about 15 hours in the air.  In that time I saw uphill/downhill/tailwind landings, fires created by the lightning I managed to miss, low level river flying (which should have been filmed), the Bering Sea, lots of villages in the middle of nowhere, great people, and the Lord working in many lives.

Yesterday evening I heard the pilot who was going to come in to replace me (flys King Airs) was not approved by the insurance company either.  I have come to the conclusion that being approved by the insurance company is so subjective.  They pretty much make up requirements as they go.  Frustrating, but its in the Lord's hands so I cannot be too upset about it.  I've done things here that many pilots will never see or experience ever.

Thank you so much for all the prayers from everyone who has prayed for me.  I am so blessed to have all the things and people around me that I do.  The encouragement and support is worth a lot to me.  I continue to walk and grow everyday in Him.

This picture is from the hike I took yesterday afternoon (Yukon River and Kako in background) You can tell that the downhill approach requires a slight hugging of trees.  And when I say slight I mean major.   Anyway, never in my life have I felt like I was going to be ambushed by bears and moose like I did yesterday hiking up.  The trail leading up to the cross does not leave much room or time to react if one of those wild animals making noise in the bushes does decide to come after me.  There were fresh bear and moose tracks the whole way up.  It provided for a pretty good time;)  Even though I did not see any black bear I could hear them breathing and snorting.  Nothing a 30-06 can't take care of.

Next up...Oshkosh 2009.

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