07 May 2011

Gracie, Papua, and Texas Bound...

Recently there have been a couple notable updates in our lives.  First of all, we are having a GIRL!  As one of my great friends puts it and still makes me smile "Welcome to the scary club."  I (Papa Grant) plan to keep her distracted with animals, airplanes, and two languages to learn ;)  Nan on the other hand  just cannot wait to dress her up.  Although, we have no idea what it takes to raise a girl we know we will be surrounded with a lot of great mentors.
Gracie about to suck her thumb

The second big news which was totally unexpected was finding out our assignment to Indonesia.  We knew it was going to be either Kalimantan or Papua, but really did not expect to find out until we arrived at language school.  We will be serving in Papua!  We are so excited to finally be able to start researching the area.  A snapshot of how Mission Aviation Fellowship serves in Papua, Indonesia...

38 MAF missionary families, two short-term staff, and more than 80 Indonesian staff members serve from six bases in Papua. Thirteen MAF aircraft, as well as three email hubs and communications networks, multiply the effectiveness of some 65 agencies and hundreds of churches ministering in Papua.

Finally, we just wanted to leave you today with a couple of photos from our road trip thus far.  Thank you everyone for all of your prayers and financial support.  Please pray for more partners as we head toward our goal leave date of January 2012.

A trip to Crown Burgers in Salt Lake City, UT.  Also seen on Man vs. Food

With mom in El Paso, TX

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  1. Will, did you eat both burgers yourself!? My mouth waters buy my stomach hurts looking at that photo. We'll have to track down a burger joint in Sentani (I have faith maybe one exists).