22 April 2011

Kids and Candy Airplanes

We are currently in Redding, CA which is our last stop northbound on I-5 before heading home to Portland/Vancouver.  Yesterday we had the pleasure of being guest speakers at a Bible school in Red Bluff.  It was great to share our hearts with the 3rd to 5th graders as well as some adults.  

We had an activity that is probably pretty familiar to any MAFer who has worked with kids.  It consisted of a stick of gum, a rubber band, two life savers, and a long tootsie roll.  What does that make (without cheating and looking at the picture)?  I never knew an airplane could be made with these materials, but sure enough they can.  

Just for the record the pictured airplane was not constructed by me (Will).  I know that in this set up the relative wind would rip the skin of the wings right off.

Anyway, that is a snapshot of us right now.  We will be home for Easter!

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