01 March 2009


In the record of my adventure up to Everett a few weeks ago I stated that Kodiak #11 was in for paint.  What I meant to say was that it was Kodiak #10 which is not an MAF plane.  But you can still imagine the two planes talking to each other if you would like.  My brain just stops working when I get around Turbine Beavers, Kodiaks, etc.  Now that I think about it, it might have just been the paint I was inhaling.
On the topic of the first MAF Kodiak, my parents informed me last week that the first one is going to have "NH" as the last two letters on the tail signifying the church they attend here in Vancouver (New Heights).  Because the church played such a significant role in the purchase of the plane it will be here at Pearson Field for them to see before heading out to Idaho.  I might have to make the three mile ride for that.
So I hope this clarifies things for everyone.  Oh, and Kodiak 10 is going to Malaysia for some lucky bum just in case anyone wanted to know.

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