22 February 2009

N481P is back in the couve

Thursday afternoon I got a call telling me the 206 was done at Sunquest, so I prepared to go the next day to pick it up.  The trip up there was pretty uneventful which is always a good thing in the flying business.  

After looking over the newest Kodiak paint job, I pre-flighted the 206 and taxied out for run-up.  Right mag...check.  Left mag...no dice.  After taxiing back to troubleshoot the mag the problem could not be reproduced after pulling off the cowling.  I taxied out and took off for a late lunch at Tacoma Narrows.  I highly recommend Narrows Landing for lunch!  Very good service and food.   Before taking off I managed to get a photo with the new 206 paint scheme just outside the restaurant.  

481P is a new bird.  The hardware is new, many of the "character" dents were taken out, and to be honest I think it flys a little faster too ;)  Next up is to get the Servant Wings logo on the tail.

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