02 May 2012

A few sights from Salatiga, Indonesia

We are in the middle of a huge adjustment with language, culture, and life.  Here are a few pictures to give you a glimpse into life here in Indonesia.

This is the closest main street by our house which Nan and I walk on everyday to school.  We were out the other day and saw this sign with Amway which was a part of both our lives growing up.

Here are a couple butterflies out that were flying around in our backyard.  Out of focus, but we thought we would share anyway.

Because of the humidity it typically takes about a year for paint to start coming off the walls.   This picture is the imprint of a gecko that got stuck on our wet kitchen paint.  We have yet to paint over it.

Here is how are laundry gets dried.  On display...Gracie's diapers.

Last weekend we bought a high chair which Gracie enjoys immensely.  Dad also enjoys biting her fingers in his spare time.

Gracie has been teething for quite sometime now and we are just waiting for the day that a tooth pops out.  Her favorite toys in these hard times come from the freezer.  Here she displays how to chew on a her frozen ducky.

This is an all to familiar scene with Gracie getting her picture taken...add a local kissing her and you see a little bit into her everyday life here.  Indonesians love kids!

Here is Gracie looking for a one of mom and dad's shoes to suck on.  We typically try not to let her lick the bottoms, but occasionally she sneaks in a taste of Salatiga.

Here is our house that we will be in for the next year while at language school.  Pak Bambang on the front porch is the husband (Suami) of our house help who comes once a week to give us a hand around the house.  You cannot see in the picture, but he is sharpening a tool to cut portions of the grass he could not get with the mower.  Pretty incredible to see how well grass can be cut with a hand tool.

This is our street which gets lots of traffic due to the preschool catty corner to our house.  You can see our house on the left.  I still am amazed house locals ride down this street at night with no lights on (to conserve gas ;)  Just in case you were wondering there are no street lights.

Here is a picture of one of our gecko friends.  Nan regularly mistakes the long tail for a snake when its hiding behind things.  Haha. 

This little guy contributed to an exciting morning for Nan when she found it a foot away from Gracie's crib.  It's a whiptail scorpion which is harmless and not even a scorpion at all.  It has an antenna for a tail, but at first glance early in the morning its good enough to get the blood flowing.  It's a little distorted due to my foot.

Here are some chickens exiting our yard.  Come to find out these are pets of our neighbors.  They make a lot of noise which is easy to complain about, but then we just close our eyes and pretend we are back in Hawaii on our honeymoon.

Just an average spider.

Nan at the dish store.  I struggled not to kick the plates as I walked through.

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