20 March 2012

Recent Pictures

So in no order at all here are some more pictures from our other camera that we wanted to share with everyone.  Some from before we left and some from our travels to Salatiga.

One of our final speaking presentations to an awesome group at New Heights Church

Gracie's Dedication

Just a few of the goodies we got on the planes
One of the many meals on Singapore Air
Getting our last Krispy Kreme at the Jakarta Airport
We made it!
The Grant family on the SkyTrain in Singapore at 3:30am

It's just too bad if you want heat while driving.

Family Picture in Singapore

So that's it for now.  Thanks for looking.  We are quickly finding out that blogging while here in Indonesia could really be a full time job.  For instance I could do a whole write up on the 15 high school girls that came to our door during lunch to get a picture with a foreigner for a school project.  Let me clarify that each girl got their picture taken separately with us and then in a group.

Just got out of the hospital yesterday.  That story is to come...

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