16 February 2012

We are going to Indonesia!!!

Thank you! Thank you!  Thank you!  We were given a date by MAF (this last Monday) to decide if we have enough support to buy tickets.  Down to the last day it was so close, but it all came in God's perfect timing.  So thank you everyone who helped by praying and donating generously.  We have tickets to leave March 5th.
Gracie sporting her Cessna polo

Speaking of leaving the country we will be doing this via an Airbus 380 which is pretty awesome because the last time I saw one in the air I was just starting to date Nan and I was at Oshkosh.  This is one of the pictures I took of it accompanied by Patty Wagstaff in the background flying around.  I have flown in a lot of sweet planes but never a double decker.  No better time than now with a 5 month old.
Airbus 380 at Oshkosh 2009
Moving crates into storage

Packing our crates in storage

We have had all kinds of stories that have come from the "simple" task of packing all our stuff into 4 wooden crates that we will not see for over a year. The latest one comes from when I misplaced my tool inventory list which happened during all of our moving around when we were anticipating Gracie coming. Having all of my tools packed it was going to be a big project to re-inventory them all. We found out we needed to remove an item from a crate as well as weigh the contents so into our crates we went. We proceeded to take out all 32 tubs of stuff and yet when I picked up one of them I decided maybe I will look in here for the list. I opened it and there it was! I was jumping up and yelling so loud I could not believe that I found it. Praise the Lord! Amazing!
Gracie helping dad pack his toolbox

Back in September we had our crates and stuff all put in storage.  We had some wonderful help from the Dunham family, Joanna, and Brendan.  So thankful for their help considering we had been up for over 24 hours the day before with a Gracie false alarm.

These crates will be shipped over to Papua, Indonesia which we will meet up with after leaving the island of Java.  It will be like Christmas to open the crates considering we will be living out of 6 suitcases for a year while at language school.

This is a pretty disorganized blog post but we did want to let everyone know the good news and let you know that yes in fact we are still blogging.

Will, Nan, and Gracie


  1. So thrilled for you! Can't wait to hear the amazing stories from across the world. Maybe someday I'll get over close to you and stop by for dinner ;) Renae

  2. Can hardly believe all this is happening! What a whirlwind but you're covered in much prayer! I love the family picture at the top of the blog. What a beautiful family. Love you all! :) Love the Faders

  3. my husband Isaac and I are applying to TEAM to head to Papua.... so perhaps we'll meet there!