03 December 2011

20,000+ Mile Road trip en route to INDONESIA!

Our "bun" fresh out of the oven - 7 days old!
This year has flown past as we spent 4 months on the road (from 4.5-8.5 months pregnant) traveling 20,000+ miles!  Due to our insane traveling life, Gracie has been in 24 states before the "bun was even finished in the oven".  And now our "bun" is out of the oven, 2.5 months old and ready for her next big adventure, Java, Indonesia for language school!

What have we done since our sweet Gracie was born September 24th? Training... I (Nan) have been learning to balance being a wife and new mama! I am so thankful for the jobs God has given me. Will has enjoyed getting his hands dirty in the hangar as he works side by side with MAF instructors: Doug and Steve.  He is learning MAF standards that he will implement once on the field. He furthered his maintenance knowledge at Spokane Turbine Center, working on PT6 engines.  It is exhilarating knowing that each day is drawing us closer to serving in Indonesia.  

Cozy in my Ergo after a walk
Where are we living? Well we have been "homeless nomads" since we packed up our apartment March 31st.  But since October 8th, we have been blessed to stay at the MAF apartments in Nampa, Idaho! It has been LOVELY to have a cozy little one bedroom apartment, with a charming fireplace... a place to call our own for 2.5 whole months!  We are grateful for our home here...

AND we are so close to our support goals!  Our outgoing (one-time) support has been raised! We are so thankful! Now we only have $1,300/month left! That is only 13 people at $100/month or 26 people at $50/month or... well you get the idea, we are so close because of many of YOU who have decided to join our journey! Thank you to everyone who has partnered with us to serve God in Indonesia! . If you would like to be a part of our team please go to our MAF page.

Weighing in on the MAF mailroom scale
One of our biggest highlights is our sweet baby girl, Gracie Jane. She is growing so much each day! Her current stats are: the 78% for her weight and the 82% for height. The doctor said she is growing perfectly. Gracie had her shots the other day in order to prepare her for Indonesia. Due to the shots, she became a little cranky for the first time in her life! But this weekend, she is back to her giggling, cooing, sweet self. Our precious baby girl has blessed us with sleeping 8-11 hours a night. We couldn't be more thankful to God for His gracious gift.

Thank you everyone who is following our journey. Hopefully soon we will be updating you from Java, Indonesia!

In the arms of HIS grace,
Will, Nan and Gracie Jane

Smiling at my Papa! I <3 him!

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  1. Wonderful update and great pics! It's so good to reflect and recognize how much we have to be thankful for! You guys are champs! Press on! Love from the Faders