14 July 2011

Update from Royal Oak, MI

Getting current
Last Friday we managed to scratch a little bit of time out of our day to go visit the Henry Ford Museum. It's the home of the chair Abe Lincoln was shot in, the limo JFK was assassinated in, the bus Rosa Parks was in when she refused to give up her seat, and several other interesting exhibits. Being related to Eli Whitney I (Will) enjoyed the model of the cotton gin and was amazed to find out Eli Whitney Jr. made guns with Colt. Another interesting find at the museum was the Chrysler Turbine which was a Chrysler produced car in 1965 with an Italian turbine engine.
The Chrysler Turbine

Fuel for dad

About a week ago we had a baby shower here in Michigan which was great for Nan as she was able to catch up with her girlfriends and me to meet them. Among some of the presents received was some coffee for dad as I am already not sleeping quite the same as before, but its all preparation for this next season of life.

29 Weeks!

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