23 February 2011

A "FEW" Changes as of Late...

Well friends,  it has been a while but here are a few updates for each of you...

As of January 19th, 2011 we were welcomed into MAF as a Maintenance Specialist family and assigned to Indonesia! We cannot begin to express how excited we are to begin serving where God has called us.

We will be spending the next 6 months traveling the country to raise our ministry support. We look forward to spending time with our dear friends and family in the coming days and months!  If we are fully supported by October, Will will complete his Tech/Non-Tech maintenance training at MAF through December 2011. We then hope to leave for language school in Java, Indonesia in January 2012!

Before we leave Oregon, in the midst of our meetings and insane schedule, we are selling all our furniture and extra things on Craigslist, packing our bags and moving out of our current apartment! It is going to be a whirlwind, but one we are looking forward to this crazy process!

AND WE ARE PREGNANT! Baby Grant is due September 24, 2011! We are so blessed. God has provided the perfect little sweet baby in HIS perfect timing... This is such a gracious gift and joy as we miscarried in November.  God has graciously blessed us with another bun in the oven! Baby Grant is healthy and strong from what the doctors can tell. We are already in our 10th week! It is going to be a season of joys and challenges as we will be traveling across the country until we are 7.5 months pregnant :) I am sure we will have many stories to share as we go!

We COVET your PRAYERS in this process! If you want to read more about our ministry or partner with us please check out our website http://www.maf.org/willgrant

Thank you for following our story! We will keep you updated soon...


Will, Nan and Baby Grant

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