15 June 2010

110 degrees and 17 weeks to go...

Well, the final press for the finish line is underway. We just returned from a fabulous and much needed vacation (thanks to Mom and Dad Grant) to Palm Springs, California... We enjoyed many memories of 110+ degree days, tennis matches, the Air Museum (a highlight of course) and some relaxation poolside! We are now beginning our final leg of preparation for our evaluation with MAF. From here until his technical evaluation in October, you will find my hubby studying most evenings and flying every Saturday possible. I am honing my teaching skills daily as I continue to work as the Children's Director at our church.

It is hard to believe that we are so close to pursing the passion God has laid upon our hearts of missions. We are looking forward to the coming days as God continues to direct us! Thank you for all your prayers...

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  1. Hey you two, so glad you stopped by to visit. I really enjoyed meeting you Nan and seeing Will so happy! That speaks volumes. All of the Lord's blessings on your journey! love, Terry Totten